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Buy Online Basmati Rice for making a delicious meal for yourself and for your family.
Wholesale Rice Supplier
Australia is the land of the food lovers. The jolly people of the kangaroo land do not just enjoy the local and regional dishes. But the rice based dishes from all over the world have gained a huge following over the last few years. The demand of white rice in Australia is a big market. Not only the locals but the immigrants, foreigners, and tourists cook and serve rice dishes in bulk. Other than rice dishes many rice based drinks are also very popular in the regional and local cuisines. Restaurants and eateries are always looking for reliable businesses to order in bulk. The quality of rice to absorb the local flavors and become one of the ingredients is a great help. Famous chefs put rice dishes on the special menu. Despite everything the continent is not self-sufficient for producing enough rice for its needs. Therefore, most of the rice is exported from other countries.
The Work behind the Grain 
The cultivation of rice is nothing short of a miracle. The rice grain is completely dry and coarse in its natural form. However, the newly sprouted sprouts of rice require a lot of water supply and fertile land. The small rice shoots are taken out and planted inside the foot deep water. The cultivation of rice is also a very labor extensive job. The farmers who work in rice fields have to stand in direct sun exposure for hours. The cultivation of rice is very risky for various reasons. Bad weather, unpredictable rains, and shortage of irrigation can destroy the entire crop. In the initial stages of rice plantation when rice fields are ploughed and planted, the farmers have to stand guard to protect the field from the birds. Small grains of rice are the perfect meal for small birds. 
The final process of yield is also quite difficult, the rice grains are left to dry and become coarse. After that matured rice shoots are bound in a bundle and thrashed on the floor. These days due to the advent of electrical thrashers the job has become much easier. Cultivating the rice is not very easy. Therefore, the prices of this white grain are also always reaching sky high. However, with the help of wholesale rice supplier in Australia everyone can buy this wonder grain in bulk. To facilitate the popular demand of white rice in the continent and to fill the hunger quota of it is important that high quality rice is easily accessible to all the residents at reasonable prices. 

Himalayan Sourced Basmati

Irrigated by Himalayan water, they are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, low GI and are grown without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals.