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White Rice Through the History

Buy Online Basmati Rice for making a delicious meal for yourself and for your family.
White Rice
Normally it is impossible to fill ocean in a cup. However, it is entirely possible to contain the mountain of flavors into a bag. The shimmering and shinning grains of rice are one of the oldest harvested crops in the world. After its discovery, human beings quickly started to cultivate it in huge areas. The traces of rice fields are found in ancient civilizations and their ruins. This small grain gave power to many monarchs and assisted several historically significant expeditions. On the other hand, rice is also counted as one of the maize grains that helped human beings climb the top of the food chain. The dried grains of rice can be thrashed and stored for a long time. These magical seeds can stay intact even in the face of harshest environment. 
The Early Shoots 
The earliest human nomads grow and saved rice in huge quantities. Rice helped the migrants to travel unbelievably long distances and become the main food source of many caravans. It is not wrong to say that rice played an important part in the human domination over the entire planet. The magic of rice is still as mesmerizing and as captivating as ever. In fact, the recent crops of rice have improved significantly due to the obtuse domestication and genetic engineering. Another big reason for popularity and high demand of the rice in the recent years is the wide spread of internet. People from all over the world are in awe of the exotic rice recipes from every corner of the world. Both aspiring cooks and well-trained chefs want to try as many new recipes of rice as possible. 

The global trade has enabled the cooks to discover unique uses of every type of rice grain. It is a well-known fact that Basmati rice is considered the king of the rice. However, other lesser known rice species are also getting attention for their starch content and usage in different types of dishes. Sticky rice and smaller grains are very popular in Asian cuisines. With the mention of rice not a single cuisine type or cooking style can be completed. On the contrary, many globally recognized cuisines like Mughal, Korean, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and others contain signature dishes centered on rice. Rice has the amazing versatility of being the perfect side dish, flavor booster, and the centerpiece at the same time. Order your white rice in a bag today and enjoy your favorite dishes. 

Himalayan Sourced Basmati

Irrigated by Himalayan water, they are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, low GI and are grown without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals.