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Is Basmati rice gluten-free?

Yes! We are proud to say that the Himalayan Basmati rice is Naturally gluten-free, vegan and has low GI.

What are the benefits of Basmati Rice?

Helps reduce appetite + Helps support healthy weight management + Helps support healthy brain functioning + Helps improve energy + Helps support a healthy heart.

Does it contain Arsenic?

Hunza Foods Basmati has the lowest concentration of inorganic arsenic in rice basmati. As several researches have indicated that soils get contaminated with arsenical pesticides from chicken manure, therefore we have limited our compost only to cattle manure to achieve lowest concentration of arsenic in rice and within the limit set by FDA and European Union Regulation.

What makes Basmati Rice smell so good?

Science has the answer – The export quality Basmati grains contain 0.09 parts per million of the chemical compound 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline, which is about 12 times more than concentrations found in unscented rice varieties and enough to give Basmati its distinctive spicy fragrance. That aroma – along with fine, slender grains and a soft, fluffy texture when grown in Pakistan, India under special climate and fields irrigated by sweet water of Himalayan when cooked – has made Basmati the world’s most sought-after rice,