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The Authentic Basmati Brands

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Brands of Basmati Rice
Basmati rice is a delicacy and luxury cooking item. There are a lot of long grained verities of the rice that claimed to be basmati rice. However, the real species of this rice is only recognized by the experts in the culinary world. Due to its medical benefits and nutritional superiority over the other brands, basmati rice is highly regarded all over the world. In comparison to other rice types basmati rice contains much lesser arsenic levels. Other harmful components like trans-fats and sodium are in much lesser quantities in the basmati rice. Another reason for the popularity of basmati rice is due to its high flavor content and great aroma after cooking. Due to all these qualities the basmati rice is quite high in demand all over the world. 
The Best of the Rice Specie 
Unfortunately the supply of the basmati rice is unable to match its demand. The cultivation and irrigation of basmati rice requires specific conditions. Even slightest shifts in the weather can affect the entire field in a profound manner. Therefore, basmati rice is pricier than other types of rice types. There are a lot of posers in the market who add artificial aroma to the long strands of rice and sell it as basmati rice. Therefore, in order to identify the best brands of basmati rice a person must know certain tips and techniques. 

The highly trained chefs in the world swear by these simple tips and pass them down to their students and apprentices after years of training. The real strand of basmati rice is no longer than 2-3 centimeters. There are other types of rice spices that have much longer strand of rice. A real grain of basmati rice has a yellowish tinge. The crest of pure white upper is not authentic basmati rice. The aroma of the basmati rice comes after aging of the rice. Without the aging process the strand of basmati rice would not obtain its unique aroma and taste. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the rice properly before deciding it is basmati or not. 

Basmati rice is often called king of the rice species. There are lot rice varieties that can match the flavor profile and aroma of the basmati rice but not all of them offer the medical benefits of it. The basmati rice also has a specific grain shape that is unlike any type of rice. Take some time to consider the design and aroma of the rice to find the best brands.  

Himalayan Sourced Basmati

Irrigated by Himalayan water, they are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, low GI and are grown without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals.