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Where to buy Basmati rice online in Australia

Posted on December 28 2020

There are 3 kinds of rice varieties available in Australia, which are imported and produced for local consumption and export. These are Basmati (aromatic), medium long grain and bold grain (cold tolerant varieties).

Throughout the world, Basmati rice is quite famous for its pleasant aroma combined with eating qualities and perfect cooking. 

As the climate, soil and water are different, Basmati rice is not grown in Australia, but is unique to Pakistan and India. 

Hunza Foods has introduced Premium Basmati Rice, which is aged over a period of 12 months, gluten free, low glycemic index and available at best Basmati rice price in Australia - because your family's dinner doesn't have to break the bank.


 Name of Rice Variety Origin
Super Basmati (Long Grain) Pakistan/ India
IRRI 6 (Medium Grain) Pakistan/ India
IRRI 9 (Long Grain) Pakistan/ India


  1. Super Basmati Rice (Hunza Foods) 

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