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Is Basmati Rice grown in Australia?

Posted on December 28 2020

As the climate, soil and water are different, Basmati rice is not grown in Australia, but is unique to Pakistan and India. 

Bas means aroma and Mati means virgin. Basmati rice variety was first produced in 1933 at Agricultural research station in central Punjab. The Basmati variety was further improved and Super Basmati rice variety was introduced in 1996 having long grain length and rich aroma, which can only be attained if sown in the Kallar area of Punjab.

Hunza Foods Basmati farms are situated in Central Punjab and lands are irrigated by Himalayan water through intensive network of  canal system thus bringing aroma in grains of rice. The alluvial soils, ample water and sizzling climate are the complete ecosystem for cultivating our high quality long grain basmati rice and non basmati rice. Our alluvial soil contains fine grained fertile soil deposited by water from river beds. The irrigation water is very gentle to lurch in our fine-textured soil and tends to hold water impressively.

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