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How to cook White Basmati Rice

Posted on December 28 2020

How to Cook White Basmati Rice in Australia

Most of the people have struggled to cook a genuine pot of impeccably steamed white Basmati rice. When white Basmati rice turns out porridge-like and all gummy, it’s for the most part a sign that there was a ton of additional starch covering every one of the grains previously they were cooked. There are a couple of conceivable reasons this may have transpired. In order to get a perfect pot of steamed white rice, following steps should be taken:

In most of the countries where rice isn’t produced, people usually notice a thin film of pale powder on their rice, when they cook white Basmati rice. There are few possible reasons this might have happened. The most common is when rice is shipped from Pakistan or India in a container, some of the outer starch scratches off as rice rub against each other and move around.

Rinsing your Basmati rice is the best yet simple solution.

  1. Fill a large bowl with cold water, put uncooked white Basmati rice, and use your hands to move the rice in the water. You will see all the starch, when the water is shady.
  2. Strain the rice through a fine sifter and do the procedure three more circumstances.

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