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How to Cook Chicken Basmati Rice Casserole

Posted on December 28 2020

Chicken rice casserole is an easy dish that can be prepared under five minutes. 

It has got juicy chicken breasts, tender rice and creamy sauce. It is a dish that has a lot of flavor and is loved by everyone. Above all, just four ingredients!



Chicken breasts                                                 4

Long grain white Basmati rice                        1 cup

Water                                                                  1 ½ cup

Onion soup                                                         1 package (mix or home made)

Cream of mushroom soup                               10 oz can





Set the temperature of oven to 325 degree F. Take a pan of 9x13 and spray it with cooking spray. Add chicken breasts and use salt and pepper as seasonings. Add uncooked rice and sprinkle onion soup mix. Mix mushrooms soup and water. Pour this mixture over chicken. Cover it all and bake for 1 h 15 minutes or wait for the rice to get tender. 

Recipe notes:

If you do not have onion soup, you can use a packet of gravy mix. 

Nutritional Value:

Calories                                                               470

Carbohydrates                                                   40g

Protein                                                                 54g

Fat                                                                        7g

Saturated fat                                                       2g

Cholesterol                                                          148mg

Sodium                                                                 791mg

Potassium                                                            978mg

Vitamin C                                                             2.7mg

Calcium                                                                 30mg

Iron                                                                        1.7mg


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